We’ve built our reputation over difficult terrain.

If you need a safe and self-sustaining utility aircraft company with light, medium, and heavy-lift capability—and you need to be able to work in austere environments anywhere on earth, at any time—you’ve got Erickson.

We’re Erickson. Tested and Trusted.

Erickson sets the standard for operational readiness and capability. Whatever sector you’re in – Commercial, Government, or Manufacturing/MRO – we’re equally adept at placing giant HVAC units atop skyscrapers, fighting forest fires, milling parts for your own birds or ferrying supplies and personnel to remote bases or challenging locations.

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  • RotorcraftPro Magazine: Bleeding Erickson Orange


    Today, because of its leadership and the hard work of its people, Erickson has successfully diversified its business through both acquisitions and by further developing some internal core skills built up over decades. Traditionally, most of the company’s eggs were in the utility and firefighting basket. In past years approximately half the company’s revenue could come from firefighting, a potentially volatile revenue stream often dependent on Mother Nature.


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