We’ve built our reputation over difficult terrain.

If you need a safe and self-sustaining utility helicopter outfit with light, medium, and heavy-lift capability—and you need to be able to work in austere environments anywhere on earth, at any time—you’ve got Erickson.

We’re Erickson. Tested and Trusted.

Erickson sets the standard for operational readiness and capability. Whatever sector you’re in – Commercial, Government, or Manufacturing/MRO – we’re equally adept at placing giant HVAC units atop skyscrapers, fighting forest fires, milling parts for your own birds or ferrying supplies and personnel to remote bases or challenging locations.

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  • Vertical Magazine’s Erickson Operator Profile


    Following two major acquisitions in 2013, a new Erickson was born. Vertical visited the manufacturer’s Oregon facilities to find out what the future holds for this most diverse of companies.

    There’s something about those big orange helicopters. Something that fascinates even those that have no connection to — or usually any interest in — the rotary-wing world. It could be the role they so often play in fighting large wildfires; a role that the Erickson S-64 Aircrane alone seems to embody within the public consciousness, despite the variety of aircraft types employed to tackle such blazes.

    Perhaps it’s because of the eye-catching Herculean projects it takes on — such as a recent lift of the 90-foot by 90-foot America’s Cup-winning sailboat USA 17 to a new home outside software giant Oracle’s headquarters. Or maybe it’s just the sheer scale and appearance of the aircraft itself — everything about it is enormous, and with splayed legs and a fuselage that seemingly disappears behind the cockpit, at best it could be described as awkward-looking.

    Whatever the reason, the celebrity appeal of Erickson Inc.’s Aircranes seems to draw anyone with access to a camera to not just take photographs of the aircraft, but, whenever possible, with the aircraft.

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